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About Us

Manila Water Total Solutions (MWTS) is a wholly-owned corporation of Ayala-led Manila Water engaged, among others, in the provision of consultancy and related services for the implementation of water and used water network-related projects.  It is driven by its core purpose to create and deliver ingenious solutions to difficult, cumbersome and hard-to-notice problems of customers and communities. The two-pronged strategy of MWTS is to develop and scale after-the-meter services with special focus on real estate developers and to develop and launch new business models in the East Zone market and beyond.

About Healthy Family
For years, Manila Water has been guaranteeing clean, safe and potable water up to the meter.  However, majority of residents do not drink from the tap.  The underlying reasons are because customers do not trust their household reticulation system and they have a taste preference.

Leveraging on the expertise and operational excellence of Ayala-led Manila Water, Manila Water Total Solutions’ latest product offering is the “Healthy Family” purified water, which aims to address the drinking water needs of households.

Healthy Family is a 5-gallon bottled water especially formulated and customized to the drinking needs of the whole family.  Unlike your neighborhood water stations, Healthy Family utilizes a fully-automated ‘closed-loop’ production system eliminating human intervention to prevent contamination.  The shelf life of each bottle is up to six months.  Full-time microbiologists analyze samples daily in an in-house laboratory compliant with international standards further ensuring that the water is of superior quality. It is guaranteed by both the Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.

Healthy Family is a product of exceptional quality affordable enough for the Filipino family. Compared to premium bottled water brands in grocery stores, Healthy Family delivers the same quality to your door at a tenth of the average price.

Healthy Family is not just simple bottled water.  It provides peace of mind to its customers.  Beyond the quality product is the quality service it aims to deliver every time.  Distributors have been trained on inventory management, product handling and customer service.

Now, clean drinking water is guaranteed wherever you are.  Healthy Family Purified Water is Manila Water’s new advocacy for Filipino families – providing superior quality drinking water at an affordable price.